December 6

Git branch

You’ve decided that you’re going to work on feature_12 as an example. To create a new branch and switch to it at the same time, you can run the git checkout command with the -b switch:

$ git checkout -b feature_12
Switched to a new branch "feature_12"

This is shorthand for:

$ git branch feature_12
$ git checkout feature_12

After you are done with your branch editing, commit your code to your branch.

$ git commit -a -m 'added a new feature name [feature_12]'

Push local branch to remote if needed.

push new local branch to remote branch
​$ git push -u origin feature_12

Merge your branch work into master. 

$ git checkout master
Switched to branch 'master'
$ git merge feature_12

If there is any conflict, you should solve in your local branch before merge into master!!!

If all goes well, delete your feature branch. Always start a new branch for a new feature.

$ git branch -d feature_12 
Deleted branch feature_12

Let me know if there is any issue.


see all remote branches

git branch -r

fetch remote branches

git fetch 

checkout remote branch 

git branch {branch-name-after-origin/}

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