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May 17

How To Create a Django App and Connect it to a Database - MySQL

how to create a Django app and connect with MySQL: view this site ...

April 2

Django setup

In your python virtual env, install django 3.1.5 (or later version) $ pip install django==3.1.5 Check virtual env using pip $ pip freeze Run django-admin to create your django project $ django-admin startproject myproject_name Run your first django project, and you should be able to view your django project on $ python runserver To migrate your database with django, run  $ python migrate Common commands for $ python startapp ...

April 2

Python VirtualEnv HowTo

Create python virtualenv in a dir for python3 $ cd codefolder $ python3 -m venv venv  (or, $ virtualenv -p python3 . ) Start your virtualenv again $ source yourvenv/bin/activate Exit python virtualevn $ deactivate Shorthand to create virtualenv and folder $ virtualenv yourvenv -p python3 Install django $ pip install django==3.1.5 ...

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