October 3

How To Secure Apache with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 20.04

Allow both ports

$ sudo ufw allow 80
$ sudo ufw allow 443

Step 1 – Installing the "Let's Encrypt" package: 

$ sudo apt install letsencrypt

Install timer for renewal:

$ sudo systemctl status certbot.timer

Step 2 – Standalone server for getting the "Let's Encrypt" SSL certificate:

$ sudo certbot certonly --standalone --agree-tos --preferred-challenges http -d domain-name.com

Step 3 – Automatic installation of the SSL certificate on nginx and Apache web servers:

$ apt install python3-certbot-apache
$ sudo certbot --apache --agree-tos --preferred-challenges http -d domain-name.com
$ apt install python3-certbot-nginx
$ sudo certbot --nginx --agree-tos --preferred-challenges http -d domain-name.com

Step 4 – "Let's Encrypt" Wildcard SSL certificate

$ sudo certbot certonly --manual --agree-tos --preferred-challenges dns -d domain-name.com -d *.domain-name.com

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