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January 20

Update to latest stable version of node in an easy way

Check your current version $ node -v Install n with npm $ sudo npm install -g n Update your version with one of the following options # install/update the stable node release $ sudo n stable  #install/update the latest node release $ sudo n latest  #install/update the latest LTS node release $ sudo n lts  Check your version again $ node -v ...

March 17

Uncommon Javascript Knowledge 1

#1, !! Converts Object to boolean. If it was falsey (e.g. 0, null, undefined, etc.), it will be false, otherwise, true. !oObject  // inverted boolean !!oObject // non inverted boolean so true boolean representation So !! is not an operator, it's just the ! operator twice. #2, ?? JavaScript nullish coalescing operator.   It returns the right operand (rightExpression) if the left operand (leftExpression) is null or undefined. let...

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